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Rose McGowan Daily

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Rose McGowan Daily News//Pictures//And More
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Welcome to Rose McGowan Daily. Unlike Most 'Daily' communities this community won't be updating just pictures. It will also be updating news, clips, and other various things. And yes pictures will still be updated too. This Community is Only for Rose McGowan. Mostly known for role as Paige Matthews/Halliwell in the hit tv show 'Charmed'. Please read the rules below and post often, Lets keep this place active and running! =]

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1 - Pictures. If There Is More Than Three Please Place It Under The Cut!

2 - News. If It Has Rose McGowan Name In There It Is Good To Post!

3 - Graphics. Any Form Of Graphic Is Allowed Here (Icons, Headers, Blinkies) As Long As It Has Rose McGowan In It. Also Refer To Rule 1.

4 - Discussion. You May Talk Anything And Everything About Rose McGowan, If You Go Off-Topic Though Your Post Will Be Deleted And You Will Have A Warning!

5 - Promotion. You May Promote In This Community, Again As long As it Has Something To Do With Rose McGowan!

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I use banners in the community to help organize. You Do NOT Have To Use Them. They are an option. None at the moment

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